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Sweep Poster

A typeface with a contemporary aesthetic, a mix of geometric and organic shapes that give each letter a special and unexpected design. The conceptual process was developed by making a re-interpretation of the Caslon styles making different explorations by using a calligraphic nib pen in order to find a new personality to each letter. The result is a modern, elegant and experimental serif typeface. Delicate in its Extra Light version and impressive in the Bolder style. The sweep design hides harmonic adjustments based on geometric strokes that generate a unique and attractive texture. For a better experience we recommend you to use it in headlines instead of body text.

Version 1.0
+ 8 weights
+ 1 variable font
+ OTF features
+ Script: Latin

Licensing options
We offer a “Full License” that covers Desktop + Web usages

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Price: $30 (US)

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